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30 Day Progress Plan

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30 Day Progress Plan

Whats Included:

30 Day Plan

More than just workouts! Your 30 Day Health & Fitness Transformation

Online PT App

Your personal app account housing all of your health and fitness resources

Online Support

Q&A online support from Julian during your 30 day plan via your app 

Cardio Workout

A range of cardio workouts plans suitable for all abilities

Strength Workout

A range of strength workouts plans suitable for all abilities

Core Workout

A range of core workouts plans suitable for all abilities

Nutrition Support

Food Diaries, Meal Planners, Nutritional Articles and more


Weekly articles and blogs on all things health & fitness


Progress & Habit Tracking to keep yourself accountable

Personal Investment:

£1 per day

only £30

for 30 days!


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Download the FAR fitness App

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Register & Pay for your Plan

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30 Days Guaranteed Progress!

How will it help you?

Exercise Plans

Your app account will be the home to your personal exercise plans. Access video tutorials, technique tips and tailored workouts all accessible via your app dashboard.

Nutritional Support

Access online nutriton resources and use your app to upload food diaries including meal photos and timings. With the smart search feature you can easily workout your macronutrients and dietary requirements for your daily meals.

Progress Tracking

Store all of your progress tracking measures in one place, allowing you to compare results and analyse trends in your performance as you progress.

Health & Fitness Education

Gain access to members only information including educational articles and guides providing you simplified answers to all of your health and fitness uncertainties.

Priority Online Support

Contact Julian via the live online chat feature in your app for the quickest response times, Using this feature you can also share technique videos for feedback, as well as audio recording and images of your latest meals or workout wins!

Need More Info…?

Check out my the FAQs page or Contact Julian with any specific questions.

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